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DOC24 Doctors On Call 24 hours in Rome

DOC24 is a private medical service that provides home health care (doctor, pediatrician, specialist visits, nursing, physiotherapy and diagnostic imaging).DOC24 physicians are qualified, experienced and permanent members of the team. We are located in the center of Rome, active 24 hours, covering generally in less than 90 minutes the entire urban area of Rome. 


Doctors on Duty

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Pediatrist at home


Cardiology at Home

Have you ever had symptoms such as chest pain, palpitations? Checking the blood pressure did you realize that you have values ​​consistently higher than 120/80 mm Hg? Book now through examination that will allow you to control your state of health.

A 24-48 hour Holter ECG (Holter monitoring) is a continuous tape recording of ECG of a patient within 24 hours. The device is worn while the patient carries out normal daily activities, helping the doctor to correlate symptoms such as chest pain, palpitations, fatigue and syncope. Monitoring is also able to identify asymptomatic abnormalities in heart rhythm, and can also reveal early signs of myocardial ischemia (reduced blood flow to the heart).

The heart has an electrical system that makes sure that the chambers of the heart beat in a regular and synchronized. The ECG (electrocardiogram) at rest is a recording of this electrical activity while you are at rest. Some electrodes are brought into contact with the arms, legs and chest. The examination lasts about 10 minutes, is painless and does not require fasting or special clothing.

Doctor in Hotel


doctor hotelThere are many difficulties associated with getting sick during a trip, we help you by sending a doctor to the hotel to start treatment promptly to give you immediate relief. Our doctors speak English, and, we can provide you with the assistance of an interpreter (Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, German, French).

Chronic Wound's Care

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Bedsores, diabetic foot wounds and several other chronic type treated at home by our experts.

Ultrasound at home


Advanced ultrasound service at home by our Radiologic Team. 


Blood Test

If you do not have time or do not have the ability to move from home to do the analysis, pick-up service at home is right for you. A professionale nurse will come to your home to perform the drawing which will be delivered to one of the laboratories affiliated with DOC24. You can choose whether to receive the report at home or by mail.

doc 24The Mission of DOC24 is to have the best health care possible at your home. Our goal is to meet your needs in the most attentive and efficient way. Our team, consisting of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel with experience is able to provide the care and attention you need. Calling our office you can: request a medical examination in a short time ( at your home or our medical office), book an appointment with a specialist, have a professionale nurse specialized in home treatment and care of bedridden patients. Visit our Services page and the page and discover the DOC24 TEAM .


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